Parent & Teacher Resources


Looking for more information on how to talk to the kids in your life about consent? Access our suggested resources below for more information and to continue the conversation.

Parent & Caregiver Resources

  • Healthy Communications with Kids

    Healthy Communications with Kids helps parents learn to model and teach consent to young children.

  • I Ask How to Teach Consent Early

    I Ask How to Teach Consent Early helps parents learn how to model consent with children in late childhood and early adolescence.

  • Parents Postcard

    The Parents Postcard contains information about teaching children and teens age appropriate lessons about consent and healthy relationships.

  • It’s time... to talk to your children about healthy sexuality

    An overview for parents and caregivers on how to talk to your children about healthy sexual development. It includes a scenario and discussion points that highlight a conversation between a parent and child.

  • A Safer Family. A Safer World

    A Safer Family. A Safer World is designed for parents, caregivers, and other caring adults to help them prevent the sexual abuse of children. In this booklet, adults can learn how to talk about healthy sexuality, teach consent, boundaries and touching, challenge society’s messages, watch for signs of individuals who may abuse children, and respond if a child has been sexually abused.

  • Safe Secure Kids Guide to Talking to Your Children About Consent

    Handout containing helpful conversation starters and talking points.

Educator Resources

  • One Caring Adult

    This three-part course for teachers and other school professionals consists of seven videos and a workbook that provide information, resources, tools, and tips on how to create a trauma-informed classroom.

  • Creating Trauma-Informed Classrooms

    This resource will aid educators in learning more about trauma-informed classrooms, or learning environments that work to address the educational needs of students who have experienced trauma.

  • Grounding Tools

    This interactive tool offers five grounding tools. Grounding Tools offer the ability for anyone to calm their mind and body down during a scary time. This tool can be used with a child and their parent/caregiver, teacher, or counselor.

  • Child Trauma Toolkit for Educators

    This toolkit provides school administrators, educators, and parents/caregivers with basic information about working with traumatized children in the school system.

Childhood Sexual Development


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Use this activity with kids to start the conversation about consent and boundaries.

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